:: An innovative and complete water and sanitation program
 In many developing countries, sanitation is still very poor, or even non-existent. Millions of people and children live in very unhealthy conditions, which are responsible for the spread of water-related diseases. In some countries, such conditions are responsible for high levels of infant mortality. In cities, sanitary conditions are often even worse and almost intolerable.

Vietnam faces the same difficult situation, and sanitation is very poorly developed. For instance, only 5% of Hanoi wastewater is treated before being discharged into the environment. 95% of wastewater is directly discharged into the numerous lakes and canals of the city. The Government of Vietnam is now fully aware of the urgent necessity to adopt a more consistent action plan. In cooperation with international organizations, pilot sanitation projects have started to be implemented.

EAST Vietnam is also very aware of this situation and is willing to adopt a global and integrated approach for sustainable development, where water would be considered as a whole cycle. EAST Vietnam will develop simple, efficient and accessible sanitation methods, which can be easily reproduced. EAST Vietnam will thus take part in the global effort of improving life conditions of thousands people.

Since 2006, EAST Vietnam has launched a new several-year water and sanitation program, as part of decentralized cooperation between “Ile de France” region and Hanoï Popular Committee. Gia lam district is the beneficiary area of this project. This peri-urban district of Hanoï regroup traditional crafts villages of red river delta. This area encounters environmental problems due to human activities more and more concentrated.

The aim of this water and sanitation program is to improve inhabitants’ sanitary conditions of this district. This program is organized around three cooperation areas:

> Kieu Ky’s commune water supply      > Support to solid waste management of Gia lam district


> Pilot demonstration project of wastewater treatment in Kieu Ky