:: Water Solidarity Program in Nam Dinh province (1997-2002)


In 1997, EAST Vietnam decided to launch a wide water supply cooperation program in several communes of Nam Dinh province, in the Red River delta. The first Water Solidarity Program (Programme Solidarité Eau, PSE) was born.

For 5 years, EAST Vietnam has worked very closely with the provincial authorities of Nam Dinh, in order to improve the socio-sanitary conditions of the inhabitants in 10 communes. This collaboration was organized around 3 main objectives : 
- designing and building water supply plants,
- awareness raising on health, hygiene and sanitation in villages,
- implementing health education activities in primary schools.

In 2002, at the end of the program, 10 new plants were able to provide 80,000 people with clean water at home. Getting water at home enabled more and more households to build new bathrooms and latrines with septic tanks.

EAST Vietnam’s cooperation with Nam Dinh province did not stop in 2002. Indeed, EAST Vietnam is always very concerned with durability. Therefore, the NGO continues to support its partners and the beneficiaries of its projects, even after the end of the programs. More particularly, EAST Vietnam provides the communes, which own the new water supply plants, with O&M (Operation and Maintenance) methods. In 2004, two years after the end of the first PSE, Nam Dinh was declared “deserving province” of North Vietnam for its O&M abilities in the running of its water supply plants.


 2 out of the 10 water supply plants implemented - Inauguration of one plant in 1999
 Laying pipelines – Meeting of the 10 communes 2 years after the end of the first PSE

 Analysis laboratory