:: Our projects in Vietnam

EAST Vietnam works both in rural and peri-urban areas. Our programs are specific to each zone because the needs of populations are different from one place to one other. They depend on geographical, socio-economical, cultural or environmental characteristics. Therefore, EAST Vietnam systematically adapts its activities according to the project area. Moreover, our approach is always transversal and integrated.

In rural areas for instance, populations are poor, in general. That is why EAST Vietnam’s projects are more focused on safe drinking water supply in that case. In peri-urban areas, access to clean water is often more developed, but people suffer from pollution troubles. Sanitation in that case takes a more important part in our programs. At last, EAST Vietnam also implements projects within schools. In rural, as well as in peri-urban areas, schools are self-managed places, which can be approached in an independent way.

> School program (1994-2006)

> Water solidarity program in Nam Dinh (1997-2003)
> Water solidarity program in Ninh Binh (2004-2010)
> Water and sanitation program in Gia Lam (2006...)

> Support to water system management program (2009-...)